Grape Solutions and MVM Mobiliti have announced that they have partnered with Innogy CZ to enable effortless and convenient electric car charging for Czech motorists.  

MVM Mobiliti and Grape Solutions have been working together since 2018 to develop the Mobiliti app which has become the most downloaded electric car charging app in Hungary, stated the release. The company has more than 215,000 charging stations in 39 countries.  

Based on the concept of Mobiliti, Grape Solutions and MVM Mobiliti launched their joint white-label EV charging platform, Montu. 

“Using Montu, a white label application, was a kick start into our electric cars charging application development. The standard application was relatively quickly adjusted to Czech market specifics. The wide range of available features allows for swift further extensions,” said Petr Matousek, Chief Technology Officer of Innogy CZ Plc. 

Operators will be able to get access to the Admin Management platform that covers all the necessary information needed for seamless mobility operations. The software aims to keep operators informed in real time and receive. 

“The partnership with Innogy is crucial for our market penetration as it is the first time, we have implemented our e-mobility Software as a Service, Montu, abroad. Grape Solutions is set to enable its turnkey e-mobility platform across countries as we are strongly committed to sustainable developments. We believe that together with Innogy and MVM Mobiliti, we will better highlight the importance of electric charging in the Central European region and beyond,” added Szilárd Széll, CEO of Grape Solutions Plc. all issues or feedback deriving from the drivers’ side. 

Source: Grape Solutions