Hyzon Motors, the US developer of hydrogen fuel cell commercial vehicles, has announced the launch of the Hyzon Zero Carbon Alliance, to drive the development of hydrogen mobility supply chains globally

The new coalition includes Hyzon together with Ark Energy (a subsidiary of Korea Zinc), AXA, Bank of America, Hiringa Energy, Modern Group, NEOM, Raven SR, ReCarbon and Total.

A statement from Hyzon says, “No one entity can act alone to address the environmental challenges ahead of us and so Hyzon Motors has brought together a collective of companies committed to a cleaner transport future. Together, we recognise the role hydrogen can play in helping to eliminate emissions in hard-to-evade sectors like commercial transport.”

The alliance brings together organisations from across the value chain to contribute to the growing momentum behind hydrogen and catalyse the adoption of hydrogen heavy vehicles. Founding members include hydrogen infrastructure providers, hydrogen fuel suppliers, service and maintenance providers, financiers, insurers and fleet operators.

The approach, says Hyzon, is to “utilise the collective expertise, resources and capability of alliance members to foster knowledge and innovation, identify priority projects, create business models and support delivery of attractive solutions enabling customers to viably make the transition to cleaner hydrogen fuel cell commercial vehicles.”