Photo: Lámpago

Turkish manufacturer Lámpago have created a vintage-looking two-seater e-trike for a more eco-friendly and accessible way of riding through urban areas.

The light electric vehicle comes with two seats and three wheels, earning itself the title of e-trike. The vehicle is also accompanied by a tech-powered riding system, including a digital thermos, a digital display, and LED highlights.

The e-trike has been built with a 60V/30 Ah Lithium battery, 1000 W motor, and alloy wheels. These components allow the vehicle to have a range of 40-70 km, 200 kg weight capacity and a charging time of three hours, all complete with a sleek vespa-esque exterior design.

The e-trike was thought-up by design trio Yavuz Cinkaya, Osman Colcak, and Selen Sarkaya. The vintage design paired with the electric-powered interior showcases the company’s combination of tradition and modernity.

The electric vehicle doesn’t even require a motorcycle license in the European market. Instead, riders can drive the Lámpago with just an AM license, which is meant for two-wheelers and three-wheelers powered by engines of 50cc or smaller, such as mopeds.

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