Mitsubishi and the STORM-Group have teamed up to develop a Dual Fuel Methanol/Diesel Retrofit Kit for inland shipping. Koedood Marine Group, part of the STORM-Group, will market this new technology by utilizing its extensive network within the marine industry. The partnership aims to contribute to both of the companies’ pledges to carbon neutrality in marine transportation.

Timo Schlotzhauer, General Manager Marine Power Systems of STORM, said:

“Like all industries, commercial marine contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and accounts for about 3% of global CO2 emissions. The combustion engine itself is not the problem but foremost the usage of fossil fuels and we need to change this way of operation.


“Methanol promises highly reduced emissions due to the fact that once it is burned in an engine it only releases the CO2 it captures in its production and releases no sulfuric oxide and much lower levels of soot and nitrogen oxide. Thus, methanol is a fuel which promises reduced emissions when used in a combustion engine.”

Mitsubishi have also reported their commitment to MISSION NET ZERO by contributing innovative technology to the field. The Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine Europe has been actively collaborating with its partners to develop sustainable solutions.

In the Dual Fuel Methanol/Diesel Retrofit Kit project, Mitsubishi has joined forces with the STORM-Group, Koedood Marine Group and the companies August STORM, Scandiesel, Emigreen and Hybrid Ship Propulsion.

These companies are powerful brands within the European shipping industry, emphasizing innovation and sustainability, aligning with the Mitsubishi & Partners concept.