Picture: Mobilize

Renault and Mobilize dealerships have just announced that they plan to build a network of charging stations for electric cars along motorways across Europe known as Mobilize Fast Charge. 

The first charging station will be located in Southern France and will be opened in a few months. Another 200 more are planned to follow by mid 2024 in France, Belgium, Italy and Spain. 

Charging infrastructure and accessibility is a key challenge that many EV owners face. With m ore charging stations and offering motorists convenient solutions while travelling, EV ownership will be easier than ever.  

The company is far from the leading European electric vehicle market, but the company is pushing through plans to split its EV and combustion engine businesses in a bid to compete with rivals such as Tesla and Volkswagen in the race to electric driving. 

The charging stations will be installed at Renault dealerships located close to motorway exits, with dedicated spaces where drivers can rest and charge at the same time.  

They will be accessible around the clock and offer a lounge, playing corners for children and refreshments. 

“One of Mobilize’s objectives is to make mobility cleaner and more accessible. Mobilize Fast Charge is helping by providing all electric vehicle drivers with access to ultrafast charging points whatever brand they drive. To make this happen, Mobilize is leveraging two of Renault Group’s strengths: its granular sales network and Mobilize Power Solutions’ expertise,” said Clotilde Delbos, CEO, Mobilize. 

To reduce the fast-charging station’s impact on the grid, the charging mechanism relies on a smart energy management system combined with stationary storage capacity using electric vehicle batteries and, in some places, solar power from photovoltaic panels. 

The storage system will be able to deliver a full 600 kW of instantaneous power, even when several cars are charging at the same time. 

The entire project will be managed by Mobilize Power Solutions. Following its expansion in the corporate market, and more recently among private customers, Mobilize Power Solutions is now bringing its expertise to long-distance drivers.