The UK start up Green Lithium has agreed terms with commodity trading company Trafigura, to support the development of the first lithium refinery in Europe.

Under the agreement Green Lithium will produce battery-grade lithium chemicals for the EU electric vehicle and battery industries while Trafigura will supply the lithium feedstock for the UK based refinery.

Given the significance that lithium plays within the supply chain and more importantly, the role it plays in the transition to a more sustainable economy- an agreement between Green Lithium and Trafigura will be fundamental in the development of battery manufacturing and will create a major milestone in Trafigura’s international battery metals business. 

Green Lithium’s chief executive Sean Sargent has said: “Green Lithium’s refinery will accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and sustainable energy storage through the increased supply of low-carbon, battery-grade lithium chemicals – a key component of lithium-ion batteries,”.  

He continues to  say: ”Fulfilling this vision requires the right supply chain and investment partners. In Trafigura, we have found the perfect match in a company that not only has vast experience and expertise in the battery supply chain, but that is also willing to make a key equity investment to support Green Lithium in achieving its project objectives.”

There is currently no commercial lithium refining capability in Europe, leaving it solely reliant on China for battery metals. Therefore, in producing this lithium refinery, Green Lithium expects to fill a missing gap and promises upstream supply chain security.

This is the latest series of investments to revolutionise the production of batteries, and to kick start a new operation in the EU’s electric vehicle and battery industry.