Photo: American Public Power Association

The newly-founded European battery materials producer IONWAY has chosen to build its first CAM production plant in Nysa, Poland.

IONWAY is a joint venture formed by Volkswagen Group-owned PowerCo SE and Umicore as part of their efforts to scale up the EU footprint in the e-mobility business and grow an annual production capacity of 2.2 million batteries for electric vehicles (EVs).

Jörg Teichmann, chief purchasing officer of PowerCo, said:

“PowerCo has now co-created what it was looking for: a battery materials supplier to secure and build-up manufacturing capacity for reliable and cost-competitive precursor and cathode material production based on responsibly sourced raw materials.”

The JV’s parent companies, PowerCo and Umicore, have multiple existing production sites around Europe. Photo: IONWAY

The Polish government have backed the investment in Nysa by offering IONWAY €350 million in cash grants under the Temporary Crisis and Transition Framework (TCTF) as part of a total investment of up to €1.7 billion by the end of the decade.

The TCTF fosters support measures in sectors which are key for the transition to a net-zero economy in line with the Green Deal Industrial Plan.

The plant will be adjacent to Umicore’s existing CAM plant and is expected to create around 900 future-proof industry jobs in Nysa towards the end of the decade.

IONWAY’s first production plant will be built adjacent to Umicore’s existing CAM plant. Photo: IONWAY

IONWAY aims to produce tailored high-performance CAM as well as the related precursor materials (pCAM), and supply it to PowerCo’s European battery cell gigafactories.

As the key technological levers for the performance of rechargeable batteries, pCAM and CAM are important to a successful powertrain transition towards e-mobility.

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