Following the success of the MOVE 2023 Women in Mobility award, we will be opening a series of awards to recognise and promote the best talent within the mobility industry.

Each month we will be focusing on a new area of mobility and aim to tell the story of some of the greatest innovators within their field.

This time, the winner will be announced at MOVE America and will be given a free ticket to the event along with an exclusive interview with our Editor in the press lounge.

This month, MOVE is recognising the top performing fleet managers within the industry. Globally, transport accounts for almost a quarter of carbon dioxide emissions, and road vehicles such as cars, trucks and buses account for nearly 75% of those emissions.

The electrification of public and private fleets offers a great opportunity for countries to reach their net zero goals and to build low-carbon cities.

Voting is now open! Voting will end on the 19th May. The the winner will be announced onsite at MOVE America 2023 in Austin, Texas this September.

See the full list of nominees here!

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