Photo: Igor Starkov

Zeelo have announced a partnership with DigiSure in the hopes accelerating its transit-tech expansion across the United States.

The collaboration will enable Zeelo, commuting solutions provider, to automate existing procedures to monitor driver compliance certification and thereby scale its operations across the country in transport-poor areas where there are gaps in public mass transit.

DigiSure’s risk management technology intends to help Zeelo in recording certifications in driver-screening procedures and onboarding compliant bus transportation operators. Zeelo’s system manages live vehicle tracking, booking, and ticketing, as well as automated boarding with digital bus passes.

Sam Ryan, co-founder and CEO at Zeelo, said:

“Being able to automate driver screening and ensure our operator partners are meeting our strict safety and risk assessment criteria, is a complete game-changer for our US expansion.


“We can now rapidly increase our supply of available fleets to serve more clients, more sites, much faster without compromising on our very high quality of service and our ability to design bespoke programs optimized with our technology to create the most efficient travel routes for the daily work commute.”

The integration of DigiSure’s risk management system into Zeelo’s existing technology stack, hopes to increase Zeelo’s operations and services in the United States accelerate the onboarding of bus operator partners onto its system.

Mike Shim, CEO at DigiSure, expressed his excitement at the partnership. He said: “Zeelo’s innovative approach to transportation, its commitment to sustainability, and dedication to ensuring a superior customer experience perfectly align with our mission to enable fast, efficient, and safe onboarding processes for modern transportation and mobility companies.”

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