Electric vehicle technology developer Arrival has announced a tie up with Microsoft to develop an open data platform for vehicles and fleets to improve the utility of vehicle generated shared data.

Arrival says an ever-increasing amount of data is produced and stored in the cloud by individual vehicles and fleets globally, but there is currently no standardised way of managing and using the data.

Arrival plans to develop models with Microsoft that simplify the sharing of data within the mobility and freight ecosystem. “Multi-tenant” data ownership models, says Arrival, will increase the utility of shared data and serve as a foundation for multiple different stakeholders – including OEMs, suppliers, cities, and freight and logistics companies – to securely and responsibly analyse the huge swathes of data generated and apply valuable insights to their business.

The approach, adds Arrival, will provide stakeholders full transparency and control over what data is shared and with whom – enabling them to benefit from their data in ways “never before possible”.

For example, it says, this approach could allow easier access for an insurance company to process claims or set premiums to better understand and manage risk while remaining competitive in the market, or for cities to benefit from understanding more about traffic flows and how to collectively optimise the performance of transportation and freight providers.

The resulting open data platform will use Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing service and machine learning to extract insights from the data, and edge computing to minimise vehicle-to-cloud data flow. By implementing a unified data standard and transparent data sharing policy, the insights drawn will enable improved vehicle designs, advanced fleet logistics and help spur advancements in mobility ecosystems and business models.

“Arrival is bringing zero-emission mobility solutions to communities globally. Data management and analysis is crucial to bringing customised, affordable and equitable solutions to the world. With the rapid advances in technology across all areas, we need a standardised way of collecting, assimilating and sharing that data so all can share in the full benefits of what connected vehicles can bring,” said Avinash Rugoobur, President of Arrival.

“Working closely with Microsoft to develop and then demonstrate the huge advantages of having an open data platform for vehicles and fleets will be truly ground-breaking for companies and cities around the world,” he adds