Link shared electric scooters are to be fitted with a system that detects improper scooter usage and responds by warning the rider or even stopping the scooter.

The Pedestrian Defense system is manufactured by Massachusetts-based MIT spin-off company Superpedestrian. It is however based on technology developed by California-based mobility company Navmatic, which was acquired by Superpedestrian in July.

Navmatic’s Super Fusion system combines raw GPS data with scooter sensor dynamic ride data such as speed and orientation. An onboard microprocessor uses machine-learning-based algorithms to analyse the information in real time, determining exactly where the scooter is on the street, and how it’s being used.

As a result, the scooter is automatically slowed or stopped if the user is, for instance, riding on the pavement, going the wrong way down a one-way street, aggressively swerving or repeatedly engaging in hard braking. Riders are also alerted via flashing lights and audible alarms on the scooter and receive notifications and a post-ride report on their phone.

Link says users who consistently ride safely will be rewarded with discounts on future scooter rentals, whereas those who continue to pose a hazard will be banned from using the sharing service.

Additionally the system can communicate with city officials, alerting them to locations where scooter users frequently break the rules.