Munich based smart parking solutions provider Cleverciti has introduced its new parking guidance solution at El Monte, a suburb of Los Angeles.

The system is designed to make it easier for locals and visitors to access and support the local shopping district by finding parking easily, while also encouraging ridership on Metrolink by attracting commuters with real-time parking availability and train ridership level updates.

The technology is being deployed at El Monte’s Main Street and MetroLink parking lots, two of the most heavily trafficked and congested areas of the city. Once installed, Cleverciti’s smart parking solution will offer motorists digital turn-by-turn signage to nearly 400 parking spaces. Additionally, a city-branded Cleverciti Guidance app will offer smart phone access.

As motorists approach the parking lots, they will see LED signs fixed to existing lamp posts displaying live parking information including directions to available parking spaces.

“The pandemic-induced work-from-home mandate gave Southern Californians a glimpse of what cleaner air and less traffic congestion could do for the climate and quality of life,” says Alma Martinez, City Manager of El Monte. “We are leveraging game-changing technologies like Cleverciti to create new commuting habits and lifestyle choices for people without them feeling like they are compromising convenience or safety. With Cleverciti, we are confident we will rewrite the commuter and local driver experience for the better and help everyone reduce vehicle miles travelled.”

It is also hoped streamlined access to parking will encourage footfall to local cafes, restaurants and retail shops struggling to compete with online shopping, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Furthermore, says Cleverciti, commuters who have previously struggled to find parking spaces at the Metrolink lot before boarding a train will experience a new level of confidence in their transportation choice.

The approach is part of El Montes’ campaign to remove “barriers to boarding the train”. Joe Survance, SVP of Sales, Cleverciti says, “It is encouraging to see this California city take a proactive approach to reduce traffic congestion and improve parking availability – both of which have a tremendous impact on quality of life and quality of climate.”