Germany’s Cryomotive, a green-tech start-up and US company Chart Industries, a leading global manufacturer of liquefaction and cryogenic equipment, have entered a strategic partnership to develop hydrogen fuelling systems that offer refuelling times and range similar to diesel powered vehicles.

The partnership will enable Cryomotive to leverage its proprietary technology with Chart’s established position in the refuelling and hydrogen station market.

Cryomotive’s CcH2 CRYOGAS technology offers a range of 1000km with a green hydrogen refuelling time of 10 minutes for long-haul heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

Chart is also acquiring a minority share of Cryomotive. Dr Christiane Heyer, Cryomotive’s Managing Director and CFO, adds: “This investment by Chart embedded in a commercial and support agreement will enable us to speed up Cryomotive’s development of CRYOGAS technology and to join forces on preparing a roll-out of CRYOGAS refuelling stations. We are now intensifying our discussion with additional investors as the financing round continues.”

By 2025 Cryomotive is expecting to deliver the first commercially produced products ready for what it anticipates to be a fast and growing worldwide market.