●  Starting today, Cabify users can rent Cooltra’s electric mopeds by the minute on the app in Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia

●  This agreement increases the number of mopeds available to users of the Cabify app in Madrid, doubles the number of mopeds in Barcelona and means the opening of this service in Valencia, where Cooltra has more than 700 mopeds

●  Both platforms aim to reinforce their micro-mobility offer in cities and bring users closer to shared, sustainable and accessible means of transport

Cooltra and Cabify have reached an agreement to enable Cooltra’s moped rental service per minute on Cabify’s app, as a joint commitment to continue promoting zero-emission urban mobility alternatives. This option will be available from today on the Cabify app, in the ‘Moped’ category, where both Cabify and Cooltra motorbikes will appear, differentiated by colors.

Thanks to this collaboration, Cabify users will have more mopeds available in both Madrid and Barcelona, cities where Cooltra and Cabify are reference companies in terms of zero-emission urban mobility. In Madrid, Cooltra has nearly 2,000 vehicles available, which will add to Cabify’s 1,200 mopeds in the city. In Barcelona, the volume of mopeds has doubled in the app, as each scooter-sharing company has 632 authorizations. In addition, this agreement also entails making motorbikes available on the Cabify app in a new city, as Cooltra’s more than 700 mopeds in Valencia will also be available to users of the Cabify multi-mobility platform.

In order to access this service, new users will have to upload the necessary driving documents to the Cabify app, choose the ‘Moped’ category and select the one they want on the map to start traveling.

A firm commitment to improving the mobility offer in cities

Lucía Chávarri, vice president of New Business at Cabify, highlighted that “We are happy to announce the integration of Cooltra’s electric mopeds into Cabify’s multi-mobility ecosystem. Two Spanish companies are joining forces to provide sustainable zero-emission mobility to millions of users. Moreover, this journey together allows us to go even further, increasing significantly the number of mopeds available to our users in Barcelona and Madrid. All of that, while opening a new city like Valencia. All this brings us closer to a common goal: to make cities better places to live”.

“We are very pleased with this alliance, as it will allow us to raise awareness of our electric moped sharing service by the minute among Cabify users, if they have not already done so. With this collaboration, we want to have more presence in multi-mobility applications with the aim of continuing to grow Cooltra’s 2 million users. In addition, we offer a different experience through our vehicles, lighter and with a larger wheel diameter. This way, app users will be able to have more than one model of moped to suit their tastes and needs, as well as making more vehicles available for them to get around the city without polluting”, said Timo Buetefisch, CEO and co-founder at Cooltra.

Boosting sustainable mobility, a commitment shared by both companies

Both platforms aim to bring users closer to a respectful, safer and accessible mobility with their offer of electric mopeds. This way, people and companies committed to the environment and the reduction of emissions have a sustainable urban mobility alternative at their disposal. Throughout 2022 Cabify has avoided the emission of around 300 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere thanks to its electric mopeds. For its part, Cooltra has contributed to saving more than 8,000 tonnes of CO2 since it launched its service for the first time in Spain seven years ago.

Beyond this agreement, both Cooltra and Cabify will continue to work independently on developing their services with the common goal of offering zero-emission mobility solutions to citizens, to move around sustainably.

Press release and content written and provided by: Cabify