Smart EV charging and energy management software platform, Driivz, has announced that Circle K has migrated its network of more than 600 public EV charging stations in Europe and North America onto the Driivz platform. 

The Driivz solution includes integrated software modules for EV charging operations optimization, asset management, user and driver management, EV billing and analytics said the company’s release. 

 The solution also includes Driivz smart energy management solution for monitoring, managing and optimizing energy consumption across multi-charger sites, campuses, fleet depots and home charging. 

“We needed a future-proof, robust EV charging management solution with the scalability to handle our rapid growth and the flexibility to connect EV charging to the wider Circle K ecosystem,” said Johan Grönlund, product director of the New Global eMobility division of Circle K. “The partnership with Driivz will enable us to scale our business, capture synergies across countries and continents and help meet our customers’ expectations for availability, stability and a seamless charging experience.” 

Driivz was selected after a formal competitive evaluation process. Among key deciding factors were Driivz’s maturity on core charging services, the flexibility of their platform, the competence of their people and their vision of the future. 

“We are honored to be chosen by Circle K and entrusted with helping to manage an EV charging infrastructure of such reach and magnitude,” said Doron Frenkel, founder and CEO of Driivz. “We are thrilled to be a part of Circle K’s sustainability journey as we create a more responsible future and strive towards a cleaner planet.” 

The company said that the Driivz platform uses APIs to integrate with Circle K’s existing mobility platform, as well as with energy distribution and transmission systems.  

Innovative technologies such as self-healing algorithms to address up to 80% of charger issues automatically and sophisticated energy management also figured strongly in the selection of the Driivz platform. 

Future proofing is also ensured through Driivz’s support for industry standards, including operating a “golden node” for OCPI 2.0.1 and enabling plug-and-charge technologies through ISO 15118. 

Picture: Driivz

Press release: GlobalNewsWire