Motor Fuel Group is rolling out an extra 360 ultra-rapid chargers across its UK network this year, putting it closer to completing its £400m electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure by 2030. 

The latest part of the project will cost the forecourt giant £50m, with construction kicking off on 12 EV hubs last month. 

During 2021 and 2022, twenty per cent of the investment was already deployed to open 54 hubs throughout the UK with 271 chargers now in operation. In 2022 MFG installed 30% of all ultra-rapid EV hubs in the UK during 2022. 

“We were proud to continue our significant investment into the UK’s EV infrastructure throughout 2022, opening a record number of EV hubs across our network,” said MFG CEO William Bannister. Our ambition was to invest ahead of the curve and give drivers who were contemplating purchasing an electric vehicle the confidence that they could travel as easily as with a petrol or hybrid vehicle. Although we have a way to go to achieve this, our investment in 2022 has set us on a positive trajectory. We have set ourselves another ambitious target for openings in 2023, with the plan to energise 360 chargers whilst delivering the best experience possible for our customers.” 

MFG hubs consist of between four and eight ultra-rapid 150kW EV chargers per site, which add 100 miles of range in approximately 10 minutes, subject to the charging capability of individual car batteries. 

These chargers will be augmented with 300kW chargers as vehicle battery technology improves. MFG has also invested £50m to improve its retail, food to go, and valeting offer, as it aims to be a hub for local communities and offer a wide range of services.