Kia has announced that its customers will be able to collect credit for free electric vehicle charging as part of a new rewards scheme set up in partnership with &Charge. 

&Charge will allow users to collect EV charging credits when shopping at several UK retailers including M&S,, Ocado, Waterstones, Boots, B&Q, Wickes, Foot Locker. This can all be accessed via a user’s smartphone. 

Customers can redeem credits to pay for charging and they can also earn credits by providing information and feedback on public charging sessions. 

Sjoerd Knipping, vice president marketing and product at Kia Europe, said: “As we expand our EV offering, it is important that the charging network offers the same accessibility and quality of experience that our customers have come to expect from our state-of-the-art EVs. Collaboration with the ‘&Charge’ service platform can only strengthen our ability to meet this objective.” 

Via the &Charge service platform, UK customers are able to access more than 300 retailers and when they spend money through &Charge they will build up &Charge Kilometres with each kilometre equivalent to an average of £0.071 in Kia Charge credits.  

The platform will also allow users to provide feedback on individual charging station performance in order to help improve reliability and user experience.  

Kia aims to offer a line-up of 14 fully electric models by 2027, in line with its ‘Plan S’ strategy. 

The service is live in the UK, and customers can download the app via, App Store, or Google Play Store.