Start Up Kodiak Robotics have partnered with truckload carrier C.R England to autonomously ship Tyson Foods products between Sallas and San Antonio, Texas.  

A human safety operator will be present in the one dedicated truck Kodiak is allocating to this pilot. The company has said that deliveries will begin this month.  

The pilot program is the latest in Kodiak’s growing string of paid partnerships with major carriers, and it further demonstrates the startup’s potential path to sustainability and even profitability once it removes the human safety driver from operations. 

Kodiak will be moving three to five loads per week and C.R England will have one of its human drivers bring a refrigerated trailer pre-loaded with Tyson protein products to Kodiak’s facility in Lancaster.  

The other of Kodiak’s autonomous trucks will deliver the load to C.R England drop yard in San Antonio and from there, C.R England truck and driver will deliver the trailer to its final destination in Laredo.  

As part of the partnership, C.R. England is also joining Kodiak’s Partner Development Program, which is Kodiak’s way of working with carriers to help establish autonomous freight operations and, hopefully, integrate Kodiak’s self-driving system into their fleet. 

Picture: Kodiak Robotics