White paper written and supplied by INVERS

The idea of sharing large vehicles is gaining ground. Vans, transporters, or campervans are increasingly offered via the sharing model: there are more than 70 car sharing operators with large vehicles in Europe and North America.

The vehicles offered include minivans such as the VW Caddy, Fiat Doblo or Nissan NV200, classic vans such as VW T6, Ford Transit or Mercedes Sprinter, maxi vans such as Peugeot Boxer, Renault Master or VW Crafter up to motorhomes.

The European market is more diverse and has more operators of large vehicles than North America. The current analysis identifies nearly 70 shared mobility operators in more than 20 countries in Europe, as well as eight operators in the US and Canada that operate vans, transporters, or campervans in their fleets.

In both regions, it’s evident that many providers of large vehicles offer them in addition to their existing passenger vehicle sharing, i.e. they are diversifying their fleet. Examples include Cambio or MILES from Germany as well as the Belgian provider Poppy, Zipcar UK, or peer-to-peer provider Getaround.

Up to 20 per cent of operators focus exclusively on offering specialized vehicles. These include van-sharing providers such as Carl und Carla in Germany, Ezeto in Sweden, WoziBus in Poland or 123-Transporter from Austria, as well as camper van providers such as Cabana in the USA, Cheeky Campers from Switzerland or Roadfans in Germany. More than a dozen of the European shared mobility operators offering large vehicles operate more than 100 large vehicles. Over half of those operate more than 500 large vehicles.

Usage scenarios for large vehicle sharing include trips to the landfill, transporting large items from DIY stores, furniture stores or garden centers, daily use by craftsmen and contractors, and also group trips or camping holidays.

The complete 33-page market analysis “Large Vehicle Sharing in Europe and North America. From Transporters and Vans to RVs and Campervans” is available here.

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