Photo: Clay Banks

A recent report by Cabify found that a third of motorcycle drivers in Spain use motorcycle rental services by the minute, also known as moto-sharing. The survey was conducted among more than 4,000 users in Spain to find out the social perception of this service.

Of the total of those surveyed, 80% use motorcycles in their trips around the city on a recurring basis, at least once a week, compared to 15% who do so on a more regular basis.

Although, the majority of motorcycle users own a motorcycle (72%), a third opt for moto-sharing, where price, availability, and proximity of the vehicle play a key role.

Among the main motivations for opting for this means of transport, respondents highlight greater agility when moving around the city, allowing them to reach their destination faster. On the other hand, the possibility of parking the vehicle in a simpler way is a determining factor when choosing this alternative over others.

On the other hand, although 53% of respondents do not show any preference for combustion or electric motorcycles, it has been detected that the remaining 43% are inclined towards a 100% sustainable option in their travels.

The survey promoted by Cabify also contemplates non-drivers of motorcycles, of which 21% show interest in this alternative and its use in the urban environment, and if it is to go as a companion, this figure rises to 30% of the total. Among the most frequently cited barriers to its use are the perceived lack of safety (46%), the lack of a driver’s license (31%) and discomfort (23%).

Despite this, 40% of non-drivers would be willing to consider using motorcycles if they had the necessary knowledge and the opportunity to learn how to ride them safely. In general terms, eight out of ten respondents, including both motorcyclists and non-motorcyclists, detect that there is a lack of road safety education in cities.

The use of electric mopeds for rent by the minute is one of the main mobility alternatives that Cabify makes available to its users. In this sense, this option is the preferred choice of users, in general, younger, compared to other mobility alternatives such as taxis or VTC. The average age of users who opt for Cabify’s moto-sharing service is around 33 years old, and they usually make journeys of between three and four kilometers on average.

Users can access the service through the Cabify app in Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Seville, and Valencia.

In addition, all the motorcycles available through Cabify’s platform are 100% electric, which allows them to avoid using other less sustainable alternatives. In this regard, it should be noted that, during 2022, thanks to Cabify’s motorcycles, the emission of around 300 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere has been avoided.

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