Photo: JUICE

Battery technology company StoreDot has issued a warning over long-term battery health concerns amidst extreme fast charging (XFC) claims.

The company’s announcement is in response to recent industry claims touting fast charge times and extended ranges, which often overlook the potential long-term impact on battery health and the resulting degradation in vehicle’s driving range.

Without proper battery chemistry frequent fast charges can lead to reduced overall battery lifespan, due to degradation as a result of power charging which can compromise the integrity of battery cells.

Dr Doron Myersdorf, storedot CEO, said:

“At storedot we put battery safety at the top of our agenda, ensuring that cells can accept high charge rates without compromising their lifespan.


“Even though battery deterioration and a decline in the state of health over the lifetime of the battery are inevitable, EV owners shouldn’t have to sacrifice lifespan and vehicle’s driving range for convenient daily use. A driver should be able to confidently charge at a consistently high rate, every time and regardless of how full the battery is when they arrive at the charging station.”

Addressing this concern, StoreDot emphasised the importance of transparent communication from battery developers around critical factors associated with XFC such as battery health, cycle life, performance under extreme temperatures, safety parameters, and costs.

StoreDot recently reported outstanding battery performance feedback for the A-Samples testing phase of its XFC electric vehicle battery cells.

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