Andrew Savage VP & founding team from the popular micro-mobility company Lime has reassured riders that the company’s e-bikes are thriving on the streets of Paris despite the recent ban of all e-scooters in the French capital.

Savage addressed the trend at the MOVE America conference in Austin Texas, assuring that the ban has not slowed down the company’s e-mobility market in Europe despite expectations. Due to the removal of e-scooters, e-bikes are now taking off in the city and filling the micro-mobility gap for pedestrians.

At the conference, Savage also hosted his own talk “Making micro-mobility sustainable and profitable”. He claims that many businesses believe in sustainability not being wholly compatible with profitability, but Savage disagrees.

In this full interview, Savage details how Lime is attempting to make a congruence between sustainability and profitability in order to better the micro-mobility market whilst still continuing to thrive as a business.

Watch the full interview to find out more.

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