Photo: Markus Spiske

Transport for London (TfL) and e-scooter operators Dott, Lime, and Voi have launched the second phase of the rental e-scooters trial in London.

The micro-mobility suppliers were selected following a competitive procurement process, where their ability to meet strict safety requirements and high operating standards was carefully assessed.

Helen Sharp, TfL’s e-scooter trial lead, said:

“Safety remains our number one priority for this trial, and we will work closely with the e-scooter operators, London Councils and participating boroughs to ensure we continue to meet rigorous standards.”

Whilst e-scooters are still unlawful to use on public roads, a number of safety benefits over private e-scooters have been enacted as part of the trial. These include a lowered max. speed of 12.5mph, permanently switched-on lights at the front and the rear of the vehicles, GPS controlled parking and no-go zones, and a higher standard for fire and battery safety management.

The trial’s next phase will look to build on its existing success by gathering more data to inform policy on rental e-scooters and trialling further innovations such as the use of AI to improve parking compliance, pavement riding detection technology, and audible vehicle alerts.

The trial currently runs in ten London boroughs who have chosen to take part. The next phase will see an expansion in coverage, including to the south of Lambeth with around 190 new parking bays, to the existing 600+ bays, later this year.

Cllr Deirdre Costigan, acting chair of London councils’ transport and environment committee, said:

“Millions of e-scooter trips have been made since London’s rental e-scooter trial began two years ago, showing that Londoners are keen to take advantage of this sustainable mode of transport where properly regulated. Thanks to the boroughs taking part in the trial, London continues to be at the forefront of transport innovation that improves air quality and reduces carbon emissions.


“Safety remains our top priority, and while private e-scooters remain illegal, we will continue to look closely at data and insights to see what regulations could allow e-scooters to play a part in a more sustainable future for London.”

More details are on the TfL website at

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