The US state of Virginia has signed a contract with toll-based mobility solutions provider Emovis to implement a mileage-based user fee programme for an initial period of three years.

Virginia joins three other US states that have previously rolled out the solution, namely Oregon, Utah, and Washington.

According to Emovis, which is part of Spanish electronic solutions company Abertis Mobility Services, its mileage-based user fee programme can help compensate for the loss of federal and state fuel tax revenue resulting from the increase in electric and more fuel-efficient vehicles and is designed to be an equitable way to ensure all vehicle owners pay their fair share of tax.

Eligible vehicle owners will be given a choice during the annual vehicle registration process to pay a flat fee or opt for a pay-per-mile charge, capped at the equivalent of the annual flat fee.

The solution to be implemented in Virginia is based on the current Utah solution. Client authority the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles says up to 1.9 million vehicles will be eligible for the Virginia programme, which is expected to launch in July.

“This contract consolidates Emovis as a leader in the mileage-based user fee space, following the existing revenue-service programmes in Utah and Oregon,” said Christian Barrientos, CEO of Abertis Mobility Services.

“It shows a clear commitment toward mileage-based user fees in the country as an alternative for future funding and improved performance of the US transportation system.”

The Emovis solution also uses cloud analytics and mobile technology to ensure personal information and travel habits remain private.