Photo: Aleksandr Popov

U.S. transportation secretary, Pete Buttigieg, has announced a $2.5 million funding opportunity to establish the U.S. Department of Transport (DOT) Climate and Transportation Research Initiative.

The initiative aims to support universities and other eligible organisations to conduct research advancing solutions to the nation’s climate and transportation challenges.

Pete Buttigieg said:

“In the past few months alone, Americans from Vermont to Hawaii have faced the devastating impact of so-called ‘once-in-a-century’ disasters that are now becoming more frequent, more deadly, and more destructive to our economy than ever.


“As we face the profound and urgent threat of the climate crisis, we need cleaner transportation systems, and this investment will help deliver that by harnessing research and technology to find new solutions.” 

The Climate and Transportation Research Center will advance research and technologies to support the nation’s clean energy goals, such as 100% zero-emission vehicle acquisitions by 2035 goal.

The funding opportunity will fund a university or nonprofit and at least one partner organisation for $2.5 million in year one, and supposedly up to $2.5 million in years two and three. The partnership can be renewed for a total of five-years, totalling $12.5 million.

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