Mastercard’s EVP of global acceptance, Jennifer Marriner, and Ryd’s CEO, Uli Kiendl, were fresh off of the keynote stage when they chatted to MOVEMNT editor Grace Dawes at MOVE 2023.
The pair commented on their main takeaways from their shared keynote talk on “The acceleration of payments – an opportunity for frictionless mobility”.
Mastercard’s attendance at MOVE is to draw attention to how the company can accelerate efficiency and seamless travel in urban mobility and specifically how payment is a hugely influential factor in this process.
Kiendl’s company, Ryd, also contribute to the topic of payment efficiency in urban mobility at MOVE 2023 by specialising in in-car payments and enabling urban journeys to be faster and safer.
The business partners also told us about their MOVE 2023 experiences and what their companies MOVE pledges are for 2023.


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