Two Dutch micromobility companies, e-bike sharing company Dott and e-cargo bike-sharing company BAQME, have joined forces to offer comprehensive bike-sharing solutions to the people in the Belgium city Ghent.

In a first-of-its-kind offering, residents and visitors to Ghent will be able to access 600 regular e-bikes provided by Dott and up to 100 e-cargo bikes provided by BAQME.

The two companies hope that by providing a more diverse range of vehicles, they will be able to attract “more diverse populations” into micromobility. They also hope that the move will position Ghent as a leader in multi-modal sustainable transport.

“We’re at the forefront of maturing micromobility, expanding our ridership well beyond early adopters to free cities with clean rides for everyone,” said Joram Van Bouwel, Dott’s Area Manager for the Flanders Region.

“The City of Ghent is leading the way in making sustainable transportation accessible for all by awarding this first-of-its-kind permit. With the launch of Dott e-bikes across Ghent, both in the city centre and in the suburbs, alongside BAQME’s e-cargo bikes, we look forward to supporting Ghent’s reputation as a premier cycling city.”

Initially, Dott will deploy 200 e-bikes in the city centre, before gradually increasing the number to 600 over the course of the summer. The company is also offering unlimited free rides every weekend in June, while BAQME, meanwhile is offering free use of its e-cargo bikes lasting up to an hour.

The companies are also offering Ride passes — designed to extend the reach of local public transportation by mirroring its costs — available for both e-bikes and e-cargo bikes to reduce costs for commuters and regular riders.

All vehicle repairs, maintenance and logistics will be handled in-house by specialists at Dott’s warehouses, ensuring safety, reliability and quality.

“With a shared vision of a world where cities are designed for people, not cars, BAQME found a natural partner in Dott for the launch of our first service outside of the Netherlands,” said Berenice van Gessel, a co-founder of BAQME.

“The addition of our fleet of e-cargo bikes will give Ghent residents more options to move sustainably around their city, helping them replace car trips even when they’re travelling with groceries, luggage or personal items.”