MOVE is delighted to welcome you to the third installment of the MOVE Awards. This month, we will be shining a spotlight on the key players and leading innovators operating within government for transport!

The past few years have been especially difficult for this sector – with workforce shortages, operational constraints during the pandemic, rising fuel costs, supply chain disruptions, and disputes regarding pay all being challenges to overcome.

The MOVE 2023 awards plan to recognise the government officials arounds the world, whose hard work and dedication have kept this sector operating throughout these challenging times.

Despite all the recent obstacles, global governments have ensured that the transport industry is recovering much more swiftly than many other departments, making the outlook for the future is positive. Progress is being made in more ways than one, with large investments into technology and software driving innovation across the board. Public transport is being invested into to ensure we reach our net-zero targets and cities are being upgraded day-by-day to ensure there is room for electric and hydrogen vehicles and infrastructure.

For example, the UK government’s commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 is another key force of change in the transport industry today. With transportation representing the largest source of pollution throughout most of the world, it is important that this field adapts to new environmental standards and regulations if it is to continue to thrive in the coming decades.

With all these exciting developments taking place, now is the perfect time to reward those at the cutting edge of this sector, whose innovation and industriousness are propelling the field forward.

If you know someone who is making a difference in their field and deserves their story to be recognized then nominate them below! Nominations will end on the 31st May so get your nominations in now! The winner will be announced onsite at MOVE America 2023 in Austin, Texas this September.