A battery start-up from China, Gotion High Tech, has unveiled a new lithium-manganese-iron-phosphate (LMFP) Astroinno battery, called the L600. The battery was announced at its annual technology conference in Hefei, Anhui Province. Gotion has claimed that the battery will enable a range of 621 miles on just a single charge.

Mass production of the battery is due to begin in 2024 after successfully passing all necessary safety tests that are required prior to production. The battery can potentially last up to 4,000 charge-discharge cycles, which totals around 2.4 million miles, expanding the average lifespan of a car.

Cheng Qian, the executive president of Gotion Global, said:

“Astroinno L600 LMFP cell achieves 240 Wh/kg in gravimetric energy density and 525Wh/L for volumetric energy density.


“It can achieve more than 4,000 cycles at room temperature and 1800 cycles at high temperature, easily achieves 18 minutes of fast charging, and passes all safety tests.


“Because of the high energy density of Astroinno battery, we can also achieve a range of 1,000km without relying on NCM material.”

The start-up company said that they used electrolyte additives, co-precipitation, doping encapsulation, and new granulation technology in order to combat the problem of Manganese leaching at high temperatures.

The pack is also wrapped with doubles-sided liquid cooling and a minimalist design approach, which has decreased the number of structural parts and weight of the product, compared to previous iterations.

Gotion has not yet disclosed which vehicle will be the first to receive its new L600 cells. However, Volkswagen is already a customer of the company and could potentially be the first company to receive the product.