Powertech Mobility is accelerating progress towards achieving the UAE’s target of 42,000 EVs on the streets by 2030 through several initiatives, by implementing fast-charging solutions that provide enhanced convenience and reduced emissions.  

The firm has experienced a 250% demand growth in 2022 over 2021 for fast-charging infrastructure and is leveraging its established background in the local market and competence in electrical systems to support the nation’s clean transport ambitions. 

Powertech Mobility has created solutions serving the electrification needs of high-rise residential towers by combining smart engineering, IoT (Internet of Things) and advanced technology to increase the accessibility of efficient fast-charging solutions facilitating a steadily growing electric transport landscape. 

“The UAE’s perception of the EV market is gradually evolving into a more practical standpoint of lowering lifetime costs while considering sustainability as the norm. We continue to serve many B2C customers including electric vehicle enthusiasts and eco-conscious individuals and are also seeing the inception of EV infrastructure adoption by businesses. Consequently, we have installed a public network of 180kW (kilowatt) charging stations, considered to be ultra-fast in Abu Dhabi alongside electrification of automotive dealerships with ultra-fast stations to maintain pace with the operations and logistics efficiency of an electric fleet,” says Arthi Srinivasan, Director of EV Charging Solutions at Powertech Mobility 

The UAE has launched several plans to aid EV adoption over recent years, including the Dubai government’s Green Charger initiative that provides public charging infrastructure for EVs. By the end of 2022, there were 620 charging points across Dubai.  

“We have recently experienced a rapid increase in demand for fast and ultra-fast charging EV infrastructure. The increase has been 40% in residential areas, 70% in automotive dealerships and 100% in public fast-charging during the last year alone,” added Vinay Premachandran, Director of Sales at Powertech Mobility. 

Powertech Mobility is thinking of further opportunities for electric fast-charging infrastructure on more high-rise buildings, highways, mid-mile delivery and heavy-duty fleets while minimising environmental impact and greenhouse gas emissions.