Rad Power Bikes has revealed the all new RadRunner 3 plus, a new model that caters to riders who are looking to do more with an electric utility bike.  

The e-bike brand also introduced several cargo-focused accessories that make it easier than ever to opt for an e-bike over a car. 

The RadRunner 3 Plus features enhanced comfort, upgraded technology, and superior rideability – all engineered to complement the unique needs of an ever-growing community of electric bike enthusiasts. 

“Designed for work, play, and everything in between, the latest additions to our line-up of e-bikes and accessories are as versatile as our riders,” said Phil Molyneux, CEO of Rad Power Bikes. “We know our e-bikes are an extension of our riders’ lifestyles, and we’re excited to see how each individual within our expansive Rad community customises their ride to upgrade their lives and make every day experiences, even errands, joy rides.” 

The RadRunner 3 Plus has been designed to have a sturdier, more stable ride and controlled turns from the redesigned, patent-pending frame with an increased payload of 159kg (350 lbs*).  

The bike offers a low-step frame, suspension fork, and ergonomic saddle to improve comfort for longer rides. The frame also features an extended rear rack that creates more space for cargo or a passenger. The RadRunner 3 Plus is the first offering from Rad to accommodate an optional dual battery capable range extender that makes it possible for riders to reach up to 160km ( 100 miles) on a single charge and furthers the e-bike giant’s mission to overtake car culture by coming out alongside their latest line-up of cargo-carrying accessories, states the release. 

The company have highlighted that the RadRunner 3 Plus features Tektro hydraulic disc brakes that offer more precise and controlled stopping power and are easier to maintain.  

The brake levers can be adjusted to fit a range of hand sizes and provide riders with the comfort they need to smoothly bring the e-bike to a stop. Rad engineers optimised the custom motor so the RadRunner 3 Plus will give the smoothest ride.  

The bike features a fully removable, semi-integrated battery and is designed to simply pop in and out for charging on or off the bike. In addition to undergoing rigorous safety and reliability testing, it comes equipped with full fenders, high visibility headlight and rear taillight, and tires with a reflective strip to maximise rider safety. 

The RadRunner 3 Plus is retailing online for a price of £2,199. 

Source: PRNewswire