Bolt, leading scooter operator in Europe, introduces its newest in-house scooter model: Bolt 6. The new model has been provided with improvements in safety, sustainability, and the quality of user experience and will be made available by the end of July.

Bolt 6 is designed to keep riders and pedestrians safe as well as to help customers maintain a comfortable posture while riding.

The model features one of the widest floorboards in the industry and swept handlebars. An underfloor battery, which keeps a low centre of gravity, is included in the model to increase stability and better weight distribution. Additionally, Bolt 6 is equipped with suspension and a bigger 12 inch front wheel.

Dmitri Pivovarov, VP for Rentals at Bolt, said:

“Our new Bolt 6 scooter was created by our team of engineers to address the needs of cities and riders. Designing a scooter in-house gives us full control of software and hardware, enabling us to continuously upgrade the safety features that we provide to riders and pedestrians.


“Owning the full process of scooter development and production also means stricter quality control and higher safety standards.


“At the same time, we don’t overpay for supplier and manufacturer margins. This allows us to forward the cost savings to our customers through more affordable scooter rides.”

Bolt’s sixth-generation scooter model is fully compatible with all the Bolt SafeRide System features. Therefore, Bolt 6 is capable of detecting tandem riding, skidding, and abrupt braking, while also identifying collisions in real time.

The scooter is claimed to efficiently communicate with customers through the in-built LED display, providing information about the speed and battery level of the scooter.

The maximum speed of the scooter is 25 km/h and can be further limited if required by city or country regulations.

Bolt 6 is also equipped with the Smart Parking 360 solutions package that allows Bolt and riders to fully tackle parking issues, with an AI parking system.

Thanks to the Advanced Mobility Intelligence System, Bolt 6 accommodates a cutting-edge smart module with enhanced IoT and an in-built processor and camera. This technology will enable the scooter to analyze surroundings in real-time and detect pedestrians, pavement riding. The IoT features and enhanced GPS accuracy will allow Bolt’s staff to locate vehicles more precisely.

The scooter also sets a new standard of sustainability. Bolt doubled the amount of recycled materials used in its new model production in comparison to its 2019 model. 70% of the aluminum used in the production of every Bolt 6 is recycled.

The first 1,000 units of Bolt 6 will be deployed in Lisbon, Riga and Tallinn by the end of July 2023 with plans to scale up the fleet further throughout the year.


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