Honda has announced that it will adapt its two production lines at an Ohio plant to make EVs. The company hopes for this to launch in 2026, as it aims to create a fully integrated production line for electric vehicles.  

The adaptation is set to be complete in January 2024 and will enable its Marysville plant in Ohio to produce both electric and engine-powered vehicles, the Japanese automaker announced on Wednesday.  

Currently, the two lines make conventional cars and hybrid models, but they will be consolidated into one under the EV plan. Honda plans to transfer the production of its Accord sedans there to another plant in Indiana in 2025. 

Furthermore, the East Liberty factory will be altered so it can produce EVs and at the Anna engine plant, Honda will gradually transfer parts of the production process to its engine factory in Alabama from March and will use the vacated space to make EV battery cases. 

Honda has previously announced in October last year that it would invest $700 million in these three Ohio plants to establish an EV production system. It is also constructing a factory to produce automotive batteries in Ohio with LG Energy Solutions, a major South Korean battery supplier.

This chain of production forms a completely integrated production system that allows Honda to make EVs from scratch, and entirely in Ohio.