Faraday Future Intelligent Electric Inc has announced the launch of FF’s Generative AI Product Stack, which will be integrated in the Company’s flagship vehicle, the FF 91.FF is one of the first automotive manufacturers to integrate and demonstrate generative AI capabilities in a vehicle. 

This Generative AI Product Stack will allow the company to integrate its foundational AI capabilities with advanced models such as ChatGPT, GPT-4, and others from companies such as OpenAI and Microsoft. 

“While there have been many advancements in AI over the years, recent developments in generative AI have broadened access to the benefits of AI. What used to take a lot of time, manpower and specialized skill, can now be done in minutes. This is having a transformative impact on society and inspiring people to be more creative, build new things and solve new problems,” said Prashant Gulati, Head of Corporate Strategy at Faraday Future. 

With this Generative AI Product Stack, the Company has the potential to scale to additional advanced generative AI models, giving extraordinary abilities to users. 

“We have been investing in software, AI, and human machine interaction for a long time and that places us in a unique position to utilize these advances in AI. To use generative AI in a car, you need a powerful computing platform, robust operating system, internet connectivity, and suitable displays. Only the FF 91 has such an industry-leading computing platform, advanced operating system, ultra-high-speed internet connectivity, AI and natural language processing ability, with over 100 inches of displays, and a Generative AI Product Stack that will empower users to gradually utilize advanced generative models for a range of personalized applications in the vehicle – from complex text and voice queries, to image and video generation, stock analysis, live translations, search, entertainment, education, ecommerce, and more. The possibilities are limitless,” added Gulati. 

FF is aiming to take a significant step toward transforming the future of mobility. As users gain access to limitless possibilities, the car becomes an evolving, intelligent, and interactive companion, setting a new benchmark in automotive innovation, stated the release. The Company is excited to be at the forefront of this transformation and looks forward to sharing more information in the near future. 

Full press release: Faraday Future