Taoping has announced that its next generation smart rest station, which integrates fully autonomous street sweeper functionality, has been launched in Shenzhen’s highly popular Xiangmi Park. 

The launch is expected to greatly facilitate the transformation of smart sanitation in both public and commercial settings. 

Shenzhen’s “Citizen Park” or Xiangmi Park is one of China’s more famous and scenic spots and serves as a popular site ranging from online influencers and people taking a stroll to children and elderly exercising.  

The high volume of daily visitors enjoying the 424,000 square meter park also creates a considerable amount of waste, which is time consuming and costly to clean. The release states that Taoping’s next generation smart rest station was selected to help alleviate costly daily cleaning, while providing an attractive, much needed rest station for park patrons to use. 

Mr. Lin Jianghuai, Chairman and CEO of Taoping, said, “We thank the Shezhen park authorities for their confidence in Taoping and our next generation solution. We are very excited to be in this high profile, high traffic location, which showcases our innovative solution and will allow others to see firsthand how effective our solution is and how we can help directly solve high-cost pain points associated with cleaning and labor. Park visitors want stress-free, clean greenspace, which our solution helps provide, while improving many other aspects of the overall experience.” 

The new fully autonomous street sweeper features collision avoidance, human detection, advanced route guidance and extended battery life. It also offers a socking, charging and cover option which eliminates the need to install separate charging sites. 

Mr Jianghuai continued saying, “We see this as the latest step in what will be a multi-year growth journey. We already have relationships with more than 200 cities in our alliance network, which we are sharing detailed information on the benefits of our new solution with. We also continue to promote the application of new technologies and new products to meet the ever-changing needs of the market, as we build on our platform of providing services, products and solutions to enhance public sites, and indoor and outdoor destinations across the country, while ultimately leading a new low-carbon and efficient lifestyle.”

Press release and picture: Yahoo Finance