Vaisala has announced the launch of an Air Quality Forecast which will combine air quality modelling and measurements to forecast air quality at street-level resolution, including in urban landscapes and within street canyons. 

As cities are getting bigger and more urbanised, the challenge of managing air pollution is getting more and more pressing. Measuring localised air quality can be difficult due to changing weather conditions and urban landscapes, however, Vaisala’s new Air Quality Forecast is offering a better way to see exact air quality conditions.  

The new Forecast encourages community leaders to improve air quality and protect citizens, according to Vaisala. This end-to-end solution combines modern dispersion modeling techniques, data fusion algorithms and statistical approaches. Coupled with the regional chemical transport model, local air monitoring network, and multiple meteorological data sources, the result is a comprehensive, exceptionally accurate picture of local air quality conditions, states the report. 

The company uses high-resolution forecasting and map visulisations to illustrate pollution hotspots and when the peak times are to support air quality monitoring and management. 

The hourly air quality index (AQI) and the most critical air pollutants (NO2, SO2, O3, CO, PM2.5 and PM10 ) are shown for any chosen location, in both graphical form and as a dynamic map says Vaisala. This is a powerful asset for issuing warnings of poor air quality episodes and hot spots to vulnerable groups, enhancing quality of life. 

Key benefits of this forecast include mitigating the harmful effects of air pollution, being able to gain immediate insight with hyperlocal visualisation, take effective steps to protect the public, being able to rely on comprehensive, accurate datasets and work with future proof technology. 

Vaisala is driven by passion and curiosity to create a better world. With the right access to the right information and right technology, cities can become smarter and more aware of what is going on in the environment around them.