Valmet Automotive has started the series production of battery systems in Kirchardt, the Finnish company’s first battery plant in Germany. The plant near Heilbronn manufactures high-voltage systems for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. 

The current first program for the Kirchardt plant is a small-series production of modules, packs and the battery management system (BMS) for the PHEV version of an exclusive sports car brand, states the release.  

The company has said that pre-series production for the first large volume order for another customer, a German OEM, is scheduled to start summer 2023. 

Recruitment for the plant’s positions is already in motion, however most of the workforce of around 150 will be coming on board during 2024. 

Valmet Automotive now operates three battery assembly plants, two of them in Finland at the Salo and Uusikaupunki sites.  The battery production facility in Uusikaupunki opened in September 2021 and is located under one roof with the local car plant.  

The battery assembly is embedded into a strong internal development and production network, e.g. the battery modules for the Kirchardt production are produced in Uusikaupunki. 

The decision to build a battery assembly plant in Germany was made after Valmet Automotive was nominated by a German car manufacturer as the system supplier for a new battery program. The program requires battery assembly to take place close to the customer to save resources and to minimise transports. 

Source: Valmet Automotive