ABB E-mobility has unveiled its new Terra Home charging solution at CES 2023, a tech event held in Las Vegas.  

The Terra Home is set to go on sale later this year. The company has said that this will usher in the “next generation of consumer choice for residential EV charging”. The new design will allow consumers to make the best use of their renewable energy sources with the aim of reducing their carbon footprint. 

For those who wish to make the switch from ICE vehicles to electric ones, Terra Home charging solution’s ability to automatically prioritise electricity from renewable domestic sources will be a great choice.  

The Terra Home has a minimalistic design and through the choice of materials and options for personalised covers means that it will fit into different lifestyles and homes. 

The company has highlighted intelligent features such as Plug N Charge enable instant and automatic recognition between car and charger, making charging authorization completely seamless. In addition, interactive lighting features indicate the state of the charging session, while notifications on charging status are easily accessible on the ABB E-mobility charger app, which can also be used to authenticate a charge, ensuring that the owner alone can connect to their Terra Home. 

An experienced team can remotely service the charger quickly due to the cloud connection between Terra Home and ABB E-mobility. The team can provide a quick and easy service while remote firmware updates that will ensure a futuristic experience.  

ABB E-mobility’s Terra Home can be seen for the first time at CES in Las Vegas from the 5th-8th January. 

Press release and picture: ABB E-mobility