Swiss energy technology company ABB has unveiled the third generation of its high-powered 350kW Terra electric vehicle charging station.

ABB’s latest Terra High Power charging platform comes with a 5.3-metre retractable charging cable, features a 15-inch touch-screen display with LED night-time lighting, and the ability to accept a range of payment options. ABB said the new chargers can be customised with expanded branding space and colour options.

President of ABB’s E-mobility Division, Frank Muehlon, said the company hopes to build on the success of its earlier generations of charging systems. “With over 2,500 installations of our seecond generation Terra HP so far, the next evolution of the Terra HP charger will continue to serve customers today with the capability to meet future demands.”

To this end the new charging stations can be updated through software upgrades. They already feature the ability to deliver between 150 to 920 volts DC and 350kW of charging power, offering compatibility with a wide range of current and future electric vehicle models. ABB has also integrated a range of control measures, including remote monitoring and allowing the chargers to be integrated with smart grids.