NAWA is a pioneer: they have created a revolutionary 3D carbon-based nano-material which enables breakthrough performance improvements across multiple application domains from energy storage to advanced composites.

Made with abundant carbon, NAWA’s Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes (VACNT) are the ultimate interface material. It can be used for reinforced composites, next-generation hydrogen fuel cell catalysts and ultra-fast battery electrodes.
NAWA’s VACNT technology boosts performance, safety and reduces weight, while also consuming less raw materials.

Day after day, NAWA focuses on solving the weak points in some of the most challenging fields to secure the energy transition. For over a decade of research and development, their employees have been building game-changing solutions for a more sustainable world.

MOVE caught up with Antoine Saucier, CEO at NAWA Technologies. Within this interview, Antoine talks about the company’s unique, revolutionary 3D carbon-based nano-material and how this will impact the mobility industry.