Deftpower is an AI supported SaaS-platform for EV Charging. Many businesses look to provide a compelling customer experience for the EV Driver but are having a hard time doing so. Deftpower makes this simple for many businesses.

Deftpower is now the ultimate tool for car manufacturers, electricity companies and other businesses to build a strong customer relationship. And it won’t cost them a dime to invest.

This week, Fisker has announced Deftpower as their European public charging platform provider. This partnership will provide Fisker Ocean owners access to one of Europe’s largest aggregated electric vehicle public charging networks.

MOVE caught up with Jacob van Zonneveld, Co-founder and Managing Director at Deftpower! In this short interview Jacob touches on the exciting new partnership with Tom Tom, how integrated AI has helped develop EV charging platforms, and what we can expect to hear from them at MOVE 2023 this June.

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