Austin Energy has implemented a customer driven initiative that is removing barriers of EV adoption by improving the consumer EV buying experience through the recently launched initiative, Austin Drives Electric Dealership Program.

Austin Energy is a publicly owned utility in the city of Austin, Texas. The company is making a name for itself as a leader in electric vehicle (EV) technology and education.

This project aims to improve the customer buying experience with an online EV Buyer’s Guide, the first of its kind, interactive consumer engagement experience to help people make the switch from gas to electric vehicles.

The EV Buyer’s Guide, available at, allows interested buyers to browse real-time new and used electric vehicle models in the Austin area and compare models that fit individual needs and budget.

The guide also provides information about available incentives and tax credits, personalized for Austin Energy customers, and a full list of charging stations in Austin and the surrounding areas.

Austin Energy has established the benchmark for how electric utilities across the country can effectively support automobile dealerships and the general public in accelerating electric vehicle adoption.

The company has launched Austin Drives Electric Dealership Program with the intention of improving the automobile buying experience.

The company wished to create a platform that would make the buying experience for electric vehicles as straight forward as possible. They then became the first utility in the U.S to offer a live EV inventory browser. This platform showcases all EV options in their vicinity.

Since the launch of this initiative, Austin Energy confirms that ~8,000 EVs have been sold and registered since the launch of the Austin Drives Electric Dealership Program initiative.