A platform that offers rapid, mobile charging tech to allow anyone, anywhere to have an EV charge service.

Oomph EV have launched their customer-centric mobile EV charging ecosystem.  A charging solution that can offer rapid charging at a location of choice. This technology has been developed to plug an immediate gap in the charging infrastructure and will provide the means for companies looking to deliver EV charging direct to customers.

In the age of convenience, it makes perfect sense that on-demand mobile charging will become an integral part of the EV charging network. Oomph EV is confident that its smart box charging tech will help deliver this.  Capable of offering up to 50kW of rapid charge to deliver 40 miles range in 12 minutes, the system is paired with an app-driven customer interface and supported with backend data and energy management software.

By providing a complete mobile charging platform that not only provides convenience but one that tackles the fears and concerns surrounding EV ownership, Oomph believes their system can really help increase both EV adoption and provide a positive customer experience.

Even though statistics suggest the average journey is only 8 miles, range anxiety is still one of the leading barriers to electric vehicle ownership. And whilst running out of fuel is certainly not a new concept, there is simply no quick fix solution available for the electric vehicle user.  At best, you face recovery on a low loader, an expensive and time-consuming process, to transport you to a fixed charging point.

A service that comes to you

What makes Oomph EV‘s offering so unique is the freedom it will ultimately provide the EV user whilst de-risking EV switch over for individuals and businesses alike. From your average EV driver wishing to request on-demand or pre-ordered mobile charging solutions through to the logistics manager under increasing pressure to make the switch to electric vehicles, a mobile service offering makes complete sense.  By investing in Oomph’s ecosystem, business managers can continue to deliver in line with ever-demanding green policies whilst having the reassurance they are covered for the unplanned event that leads to 0 miles range before a shift is over.

For Oomph EV, the goal is simple.  To allow the EV user to decide when and where to receive a charge.  A top-up charge whilst out shopping, in a business meeting, or parked at the station. Backup service for emergency zero mile recovery situations or a convenient pre-planned top-up for the longer or more rural trips where fixed charging infrastructure is limited or plagued by unreliability.  Mobile charging can really open up so many possibilities.

Oomph EV is leading the charge in providing a net-zero, mobile EV charging solution that can be delivered to customers and business EV operators alike, anytime, anywhere. Part of Cambridge Cleantech and nominated for the longlist #21toWatch, the future is looking bright for the Oomph team.

If you are interested in understanding how Oomph EV can keep your fleet moving, deliver your renewable energy supply direct to your customers or open up new revenue streams, get in touch.

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