The UK government has restated that new homes and buildings, such as supermarkets and workplaces, including those undergoing major renovations, will be required to install electric vehicle charging points from next year.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson told delegates at the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) annual conference, “This is a pivotal moment – we cannot go on as we are. We have to adapt our economy to the green industrial revolution.”

“We will require new homes and buildings to have EV charging points – with another 145,000 charging points to be installed thanks to these regulations.

“We are investing in new projects to turn wind power into hydrogen and our net-zero strategy is expected to trigger about £90 billion of private sector investment, driving the creation of high wage, high skilled jobs as part of our mission to unite and level up across the country.

“We have to use our massive investment in science and technology and we have to raise our productivity and then we have to get out your way. We must regulate less or better and take advantage of new freedoms.”

However it’s extremely unlikely that the Prime Minister’s 2021 CBI speech will be remembered for his announcements on EV charging and free-market governance. Described as “stumbling” even by commentators ordinarily considered as supporters, the Prime Minister ad-libbed on a diverse range of seemingly random topics including Peppa Pig and at one point even attempting a joke in which he likened himself to Moses.