Picture: BMW

BMW have unveiled the new BMW IX Flow featuring E Ink, at the Consumer Electronics show 2022 in Las Vegas. It is an immensely unique vehicle that can change its entire body colour at the touch of a single button. 

Project lead of the BMW iX Flow has said: “We have already introduced further improvements for the technology since the premiere at the CES, 

“Previously, the changes between colour patterns only took place in a gradual transition. Now, the control electronics have been tweaked to enable instantaneous transformations, resulting in an even more stunning visual effect.” 

A group of lucky delegates had the opportunity to experience the enhanced colour switching abilities of the BMW iX Flow for the first time at BMW Group’s rad°hub dialogue platform held at Plant Munich in May.  

The Munich-based startup brainboost used the new and improved colour-changing effect in a one-off collaboration with the BMW Group at rad°hub aimed at raising awareness of mental health. The BMW iX Flow was connected directly to the brain of the rad°hub delegates using an electroencephalograph (EEG), which records the brain’s electrical activity. 

“The colour patterns of the BMW iX Flow react to brain activity and reflect the level of activity,” explains brainboost CEO Philipp Heiler. 

He continues to say, “once the brain is at rest, the changes of patterns on the iX Flow also become calmer and more rhythmical.” 

The participants were therefore able to gradually calm down and relax with the help of brainboost experts and with neurofeedback via the iX Flow. This also strengthens the knowledge of what works best to shut down brain activity in, for example, everyday working life.  

The body of the BMW iX Flow is laminated in a special film containing millions of colour capsules. When stimulated by electrical signals, negatively charged white pigments or positively charged black ones will collect at the surface, thereby changing the exterior colour. 

This new technology that has been created by startup brainboost and BMW, has opened a whole new door towards personalised driving experience. Monitoring such activity can not only enhance the performance of driving experience, but also life and mental performance.