The City of Oakland has announced a partnership with Populus to launch Smart Loading Zones that will allow operators to pay for their use of space through GPS technology from their delivery or on-demand vehicles. 

Delivery operators will be able to sign up for the new Smart Loading Zones permit at Permitted operators will no longer need to use cash or credit cards to pay for parking at designated metres but will instead have the option to share vehicle location data with Populus to seamlessly pay for their use of curbsides on a per-minute basis, said the company’s press release. 

This partnership was developed in response to an increase in dangerous parking behavior and the misuse of commercial loading zones by non-commercial vehicles. 

 It is also being supported by an increase in parking enforcement activity. The new permit is expected to improve delivery vehicles’ access to safe parking options and reduce traffic incidents. 

“We are thrilled to work with the City of Oakland to implement the new Smart Loading Zones to contribute to building a safer and less congested city,” said Regina Clewlow, Populus CEO and Founder. “Oakland is leading the way in developing and implementing curb management strategies that lead to outcomes that work for both residents and commercial fleet operators.” 

Populus will use the Curb Data Specification as a method of sharing statistic and dynamic regulations, measuring activity at the curb and creating more accessible, useful curbs. 

“Demand for our very limited curb space has increased dramatically over the past decade” said Fred Kelley, Director of Oakland Department of Transportation. “The City of Oakland is excited about this new partnership to better manage the rapid rise in delivery vehicles. Improving the way we use the curb means businesses are able to get goods faster, traffic congestion goes down, and our streets are safer for everyone.”

Source: PR Web