At MOVE America 2023 Sam Ryan CEO of Zeelo and Mike Shim CEO of DigiSure announce the recent partnership between their respective companies and how it will be a game-changer for expansion into the United States.

As a transit technology company Zeelo and DigiSure joined forces as a way of ensuring the safety of their users whilst increasing safety from risk. DigiSure contribute to this collaborative effort by assigning certified drivers to Zeelo transit vehicles, optimising the upmost safety for users.

Sam Ryan said:

“We’re not just a technology company in the mobility space. We have to be in the business of the safe movement of people.”

Shim outlines DigiSure’s dedication to risk management and insurance by explaining how the company carries out identity screening and background checks on drivers before they are assigned to Zeelo’s transit vehicles.

Watch the full interview for more detail about the collaboration and some insight on the companies’ experiences at MOVE America 2023.

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