Micro-mobility provider Dott is to operate a fleet of 1,500 shared e-scooters in Stockholm, Sweden. Critically, given Stockholm’s recent crackdown on e-scooters, Dott’s come with software controlling the maximum speed limit, geo-located slow and no-zones and rider e-learning modules.

Dott says it prioritises the safety of its riders, other road users and pedestrians, collaborating closely with the cities in which it operates “to offer a service adapted to their needs”.

And with large wheels, front, rear and indicator lights, triple breaking and licence plates, its e-scooters, it says, are built with safety and responsible riding in mind.

Cedric Borglund Janson, Dott area manager for Stockholm, says, “Our e-scooters offer the most efficient way to travel across Stockholm without causing congestion or pollution. We are bringing our experience from major European cities to ensure that our service is carefully integrated into the city, offering a reliable service for our riders whilst respecting other road users and pedestrians.”

In January Stockholm’s authorities announced an immediate halving in the number of e-scooters operating in the city from around 23,000 to 12,000 with a maximum of 1,500 vehicles from each of the eight licensed operators.