Electreon, the Israeli provider of electric vehicle wireless charging solutions, is to partner with Destia, the Finnish provider of charging infrastructure services to promote wireless electric road demonstrator projects.

Destia offers EV charging solutions for businesses and professional transport including bus operators, logistics companies, vehicle manufacturers and taxi companies.

The goal of the collaboration is to develop commercial wireless charging projects in Finland to give fleet operators “the opportunity to experience the benefits of wireless charging in operation”.

Through a recently signed Memorandum of Understanding, Electreon’s wireless charging system and related operation and maintenance services could be provided as part of Destia’s Charging as a Service solution.

The MoU is part of Electreon’s strategy to accelerate its penetration to the Nordic market which it considers has huge potential as an early adopter of electric mobility. Maher Kasskawo, an e-mobility specialist from one of the Nordic region’s leading public transport operators, recently joined Electreon as the Nordics business development manager to head the company’s efforts.

He said, “We are very excited to establish the partnership between Destia and Electreon in the Finnish market. Combining Destia’s strength in charging infrastructure and services with Electreon’s seamless technology in both static and dynamic wireless charging will be a competitive solution for many operational businesses within the transportation segment.”

Jere Jokinen, Head of EV Charging at Destia adds, “Wireless charging has great potential especially in the professional transport segment, because it can be fully integrated into infrastructure with no visual impacts and cables. Electreon’s wireless charging technology can complement our EV Charging as a Service solution nicely.”