Equinix, a digital infrastructure company, has announced its expansion to Indonesia with the aim to support the increasing demand for the digital services essential to powering today’s businesses. The company has plans for an approximately US$74 million International Business Exchange data center in the heart of Jakarta.  

This expansion will aid Indonesian businesses and multinationals with presence in Indonesia to leverage its trusted platform to bring together and interconnect the foundational infrastructure to power their businesses. 

The country has been driven by rapid digitalisation and a substantial digital-savvy population, and Indonesia has emerged as Southeast Asia’s largest digital economy in value. It is expected to be a key hub of intercommunication in the region. 

The country is forecast to become the second largest public cloud market in Southeast Asia after major cloud service providers such as Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services are launching in the region.  

“Our IBX data centre in Jakarta will add a strategically important, high-growth market to Equinix’s extensive network of interconnected data centres worldwide. Having a presence in Indonesia allows Equinix to provide digital infrastructure to local businesses to tap growth opportunities abroad and support global organizations looking to access the expanding Indonesian digital economy,” says Jeremy Deutsch, President, Asia-Pacific, Equinix.   

“We look forward to working closely with local authorities, network providers and the broader industry ecosystem players to help unleash Indonesia’s digital potential.” 

The facility is scheduled to open by the second half of 2024, expected to provide more than 1,600 cabinets and more than 5,300 square meters of collocation space when fully built.  

Equinix’s expansion to Jakarta is aligned with the Indonesian government’s digital transformation initiatives, boosting the country’s digital infrastructure objectives according to the goals set out in the Indonesia Digital Roadmap 2021–2024.z